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Halloween Party Recipes

It’s October which means the spookiest day of the year, Halloween, is just around the corner! Not only does Halloween bring costumes and candy, it brings parties for ghosts and ghouls of all ages, too!

Caramel Apples

Setting a theme for your Halloween celebrations is one of the most important ways you can ensure your guests have a festive experience. As detailed in a recent article from The Pioneer Woman featuring the 50 best Halloween party food ideas, most recipes feature an iconic fall ingredient like apples or pumpkin, and many are decorated to look like traditional Halloween images like bats, ghosts, and spiders.

Southern Recipe Small Batch has got you covered when it comes to Halloween party inspiration. Check out these recipes featuring our low carb, high protein pork rinds that will have all your guests howling with delight!

Elevate your Halloween festivities with Pumpkin Spiced Caramel Apples, complete with a thrilling twist – Southern Recipe Small Batch Cranberry Jalapeño Pork Rinds! These limited-edition pork rinds bring an exciting crunch to this classic treat, creating a flavor fusion that'll enchant your taste buds and add a dash of Halloween magic to your celebration.

These devilishly delightful eggs are topped with the spine-chilling crunch of Southern Recipe Small Batch Pasilla Chili Cheese pork rinds, making them a hauntingly good treat. Plus, they're loaded with collagen protein.

Our Roasted Garlic & Red Chile Dip, blended to perfection with tomatillos and guajillo chiles, is the ideal partner for Southern Recipe Small Batch Sea Salt & Cracked Black Pepper pork rinds. It's a spook-tacular snack that'll cast a flavorful spell on your taste buds!

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Melissa Carroll
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