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Horoscope Lovers: What is Your Pork Rind Pairing?

Read our suggestions below for a match made in heaven.

It's in the stars!



Fiery Aries – you always bring the heat, don’t you? You prefer to be bold. In fact, it’s in your nature. You just can’t help yourself Aries, leadership is a part of your essence. What better way to bring the spice than with a Spicy Dill pork rind? It’s zesty, delicious and brings the right amount of heat to any situation.


Gentle Pisces, so in tune with your emotions. You feel the energy shift in the room before it even happens, and yes, you’re in the corner with a bag of pork rinds watching the events unfold. With all that snacking and human observation, you stick with the Sea Salt & Cracked Black Pepper pork rinds. It’s timeless and consistent for when you need it most.


We need a snack that is delicious and unwavering with no bull. That’s why our strong and stubborn Taurus, steadfast and tough, needs something with a little more crunch. Honey Chipotle Pork Cracklins are sturdy through the hard times, but have that sweet hint of honey for the good times.


Oh, Gemini, with your multifaceted ways! You need more than one option, which is why you’re not just ONE but TWO delicious bean dips. Pork & Pinto and Pork & Black Bean dips are delicious dippers for those who want options. And let’s face it, Gemini, you need to have options.


Sweet Cancer, the mother of the signs. Whether you love it or not, everyone looks to you for comfort and nurturing. That’s why you are delicious, nostalgic and just plain delicious comfort food: Pasilla Chili Cheese pork rinds. When we think of comfort food we think of cheese. And chili. And pork rinds… and now we’re ready to curl up with a snack.


Yes, Leo, we see you, we hear you, and we LOVE you! You’re a unique and special flavor and everyone knows it. There’s no doubt that a showstopper like you needs Korean BBQ pork rinds. Even after the curtains close, you need a flavor that shines as bright as you do.


Let’s keep it clean, right Virgo? We’re talking baked, not fried. You don’t have to tell us twice that you’re Oven Baked Cilantro Lime pork rinds. No fuss, no muss, but complete with that clean, crisp, lime flavor punch.


The balance seekers of the universe? Well, well, well … if we haven’t found the perfect match for our low-carb, protein-packed salad toppers, Krutones®. Pork rind croutons that are fabulously seasoned, zestier than a boring crouton, and add the necessary crunch to any soup or salad creation? That tips the scales into a win-win, right Libra?


A flavor blast so intense you’ll never go back to boring. Scorpio, no one has ever called you boring. Maybe brooding. Maybe intense. But never boring. Our Hatch Chile pork rinds are no different. While the flavor might be intense, you’ve never been accused of being boring.


For the one second you’re at home and settling down for a snack (and seriously we mean one second), you’re looking for something worth the adventure, right Sagittarius? You’ve seen the world and you’re looking for a flavor that stands out among the rest. Give us an adventure or give us death! Or just give us Pineapple Ancho Chili pork rinds for a unique experience on its own.


If there is one way to a Capricorn’s heart, it’s through simple, concise and no-nonsense ingredients. On the rare occasion that you’re taking a moment to snack, you’re looking for something as put-together as you are. Oven Baked Smoked Sea Salt pork rinds provide the crunch, the flavor, and the protein. Because foods have to be functional or what is the point, right?


You beat to the rhythm of your own drum, Aquarius. You embrace change and crave evolution. It is The Age of Aquarius after all. Embrace the evolution of a pellet into a crispy pork rind with our Pop-Your-Own Pellets. The process is in your hands, Aquarius, and the result is, well… delicious!
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