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Spring Means Greenery Everywhere ... And Yes, Even in Your Diet!

Avocados and Pork Rinds

Welcome to May and National Salad Month, a time when all things green and leafy are celebrated. According to Food Timeline, the American salad began as an organized presentation of vegetables before it evolved into the tossed variety enjoyed today.

So what makes a great salad? Here are some tips from Workday Wellness on how to make the

perfect salad:

Dress for success. A salad is defined by its dressing, so learn how to make the classics

– vinaigrette, balsamic and mayonnaise-based. To get started, A Couple Cooks is a

good source of basic salad dressing recipes.

Think of the fork. When preparing a salad, don’t forget to keep the ingredients sized to

be picked up easily by a fork. Dice, chop, shred and slice with this premise in mind.

Take your veggies and nuts to the next level. Consider adding roasted vegetables

and toasted nuts or seeds to a salad to fold in complex flavors. Plus, adding nuts and

seeds gives a salad an extra protein punch.

There is a salad for that! Almost any meal can be turned into a salad for a low carb

meal alternative.

Don’t forget the crunch. Texture is everything. Try a dry, crispy textured ingredient like

dried onion chips, chow mein noodles or pork rinds!

Looking to spice up your salad with a crunchy ingredient that packs a protein punch? Try

Southern Recipe Small Batch’s NEW Krutones® (Crew-Tone-Ez), they’re a low carb pork rind

soup and salad topper. As a crouton alternative, Italian Style and Butter & Garlic Krutones are a

good source of protein packed with flavor. Now let’s get back to that salad. Give this one a try!

Prep Time: 30 minutes

Cook Time: 30 minutes minutes

Serving Size: 6



● 1 cup Fresh Sage leaves

● 1 cup Fresh Basil leaves

● 1/2 cup Olive oil

● 1/4 cup Pecans

● 1/4 cup Grated Parmesan cheese

● Salt and pepper, to taste


● 3-4 cups Kale, roughly chopped

● 1 cup Brussels sprouts, halved and roasted

● Roughly 1 Tbsp. Sesame seeds

● 1/3 cup Shirataki noodles, prepared according to the package directions and chopped

● 1/2 cup Jalapeños, finely diced

● 1 Avocado, pitted and sliced


1. For the pesto, add all of the ingredients into a food processor.

2. Pulse until smooth and well blended.

3. Set aside.

4. Assemble the salad by tossing all of the ingredients into a large bowl.

5. Add the keto pesto as a dressing.


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