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introduce pork rinds to your menu!

Ready to Pop Pork Rinds

for foodservice

Find Your Rind

Our pork rind pellets are an easy way to add fresh fried pork rinds to your menu! Our pork rind pellets have been smoked using our proprietary process, making them delicious and shelf stable.


1 box = 480 servings

3 ways

to pop 'em

When you’re ready to cook, that’s when the magic happens! Deep fried or air fried, the pellets will expand and “pop” right before your eyes. In just minutes you will have a basket full of fresh, delicious, golden-brown pork rinds.


deep fry

air fryer

air fry

pan fry pork rinds

pan fry

your customers will love the bold flavors,

you'll love the profits!


Pair with dip as a keto friendly appetizer.


Apply your house blend seasoning for a new side.


Top soup, salads, sandwiches and more!


Use as a keto breading at a 1:1 swap for flour.


Perfect pairing with beer!


pork rind pellets are:

  • Easily fried in your deep fryer or air fried

  • 40% less sodium than traditional pork rinds

  • Less than 25¢ per serving

  • Shelf stable for 9 months

pork rinds have:

  • No artificial flavors, colors or MSG 

  • Low carbs and are keto friendly

  • Natural source of collagen protein

Tim Byres

recipes from chef partner

Tim Byres

Tim Byres, chef, restaurateur, and James Beard Award winning author, is creating original recipes with Southern Recipe Small Batch pork rinds.

"Food brings us to the table. Let us come together as we introduce pork rind inspired recipes that elevate this simple ingredient. Are you ready?"

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