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Meet the Crunch Crew!

Meet the Crunch Crew – a vibrant community of pork rind enthusiasts dedicated to sharing their love for Southern Recipe Small Batch. From homemakers to students, each pork rind ambassador brings a unique perspective, adding to the rich background of experiences that define the Crunch Crew. Today, we’re thrilled to introduce three standout members: Jessica, Curtis, and Amy, who each embody the spirit and enthusiasm that make our community special.


Jessica D. (@eatdrinkcheers) is a 37-year-old homemaker from Kentucky with a lifelong passion for food. After a career shift in 2022, she turned her hobby into a full-fledged foodie blog, providing restaurant recommendations and easy at-home dinner ideas. A true fan of Southern Recipe Small Batch, Jessica’s favorite flavor is Pasilla Chili Cheese. Being part of the Crunch Crew lets her share about her passion for pork rinds and the products she genuinely enjoys, like the recent branded snack basket and outdoor blanket..


Curtis A. (@curt_eats) is a 20-year-old student from California who balances his love for fitness with his foodie passion. His journey started with casual Instagram posts that quickly caught on with friends and beyond. For Curtis, pork rinds are the ideal snack — low in calories, high in protein, and packed with flavor. His favorite, Hatch Chile, fits perfectly into his active lifestyle. He loves the thoughtful Crunch Crew gifts, like the branded football he used at the beach, adding an extra layer of fun to his snacking adventures.


Amy C., (@hangoutwithamy), is a 28-year-old from California who finds joy in discovering new flavors and textures. For Amy, the crunchy and flavorful pork rinds are a delightful treat she loves to share with friends and family. Her favorite flavor, Sea Salt and Cracked Black Pepper, is a staple in her snacking repertoire. The camaraderie and shared enthusiasm for quality snacks make Amy’s participation in the Crunch Crew a rewarding experience.


We’re always on the lookout for new members of the Crunch Crew. Be sure to share your love of Southern Recipe Small Batch on social media and tag us @southernrecipesmallbatch — we might just reach out to you to join us!


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