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Summer Travel Pork Rind Pairings

Summer is all about getting out there and exploring new places, and we have the perfect companion for your summer adventures: Southern Recipe Small Batch pork rinds! With several unique flavors, there's a perfect snack for every destination. Which flavor pairs best with your summer travels? Find out below!


Hot Honey in the Big City

1. Hot Honey – City Escape

Our Hot Honey pork rinds are a dynamic mix of sweetness and smokiness, with a hint of heat. This flavor is a perfect companion for exploring a bustling city. Whether you're taking in the sights, visiting museums, or indulging in the local food scene, our Hot Honey pork rinds will give you the energy and excitement you need to keep up with the city's rhythm.

Sweet BBQ at the Beach

2. Sweet BBQ – Beach Day

Nothing says summer like a day at the beach, and our Sweet BBQ pork rinds are the ideal snack for sandy shores. The sweet and smoky combination is reminiscent of a classic barbecue, making it a great match for lounging by the waves. Grab a bag of Sweet BBQ pork rinds, a beach towel, and some sunscreen, and you're set for a perfect beach day.

Sea Salt and Cracked Black Pepper at a National Park

3. Sea Salt & Cracked Black Pepper – National Park

If you're heading into the great outdoors to explore a national park, you need a snack that's simple, straightforward, and satisfying. Sea Salt & Cracked Black Pepper pork rinds fit the bill. With a light texture and bold flavor, these rinds will keep you fueled as you hike, camp, or simply enjoy the natural beauty around you. Plus, they're easy to pack and won't weigh you down.

Pineapple and Ancho Chile Island Getaway

4. Pineapple and Ancho Chile – Island Getaway

Dreaming of a tropical escape? Pineapple and Ancho Chile pork rinds bring the perfect balance of sweet and spicy, just like your ideal island destination. Whether you're sipping on a cocktail by the pool or exploring the island's unique flavors, these pork rinds will transport you to a tropical paradise with every crunchy bite.

Spicy Dill Camping Trip

5. Spicy Dill – Camping Trip

When you're out in the wilderness, you want a snack that's bold and full of flavor. Spicy Dill pork rinds are just that. The zesty combination of dill, garlic, and vinegar is a great match for a camping trip. Enjoy them by the campfire or take them along on a hike for a burst of flavor that will keep you energized and satisfied.

Hatch Chile Road Trip

6. Hatch Chile – Road Trip

A road trip calls for a snack that's unique and full of character. Hatch Chile pork rinds offer a burst of smoky flavor that will keep you entertained as you hit the open road. With their low-carb, high-protein content, they’re the perfect snack to keep you going through long stretches of highway and unexpected detours.


No matter where your summer adventures take you, Southern Recipe Small Batch pork rinds are the perfect companion. Choose your favorite flavor and hit the road!


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