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Think Outside The Lunch Box

Backpack it!


As the summer slowly fades, it’s a sure sign the school year is just around the corner. And you know what that means ... planning for school lunches. One of the most stressful parts of returning to school (for parents) is packing lunches daily. To make it even more challenging, kids are asking for more unique lunch options.

According to Chartwells K12's list of food trends for 2023, international cuisine ranked as the number one trend for school lunches this year. Don’t know where to turn for school lunch inspiration? Southern Recipe Small Batch has got you covered! Our pork rinds come in a variety of flavors that everyone will enjoy. Our Sea Salt & Cracked Black Pepper pork rinds are a great way to introduce kids to this satisfying snack. They have a better crunch than potato chips, have less fat, and are packed with protein to boost energy.

If you’ve got a more adventurous eater, our Pineapple and Ancho Chile pork rinds are a delicious lunch addition that won’t be traded at the lunch table. With a very mild pepper flavor and lots of pineapple sweetness, these pork rinds are sure to become your kid’s favorite.


Avocado & Yogurt Tzatziki

What better way to brighten up your child’s lunch box than with our recipe for Avocado & Yogurt Tzatziki! Tzatziki is a sauce made from yogurt and cucumbers and is found in Southeastern Europe and the Middle East. Pair this dip with our Spicy Dill pork rinds, and you have a healthy option your kids are going to love.

Spring Rolls

Pork Rind Spring Rolls

Who needs cold cuts and PB&J when our Pork Rind Spring Rolls pork rinds are a flavorful sandwich alternative? These spring rolls are great for dinner warm, and they taste great the next day. Make a few extra for dinner the night before and you’ve got your kid’s lunch covered in the morning.


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