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Summer Crunchin', Cool Sippin'

The long days of summer are here, and there’s nothing better on a hot July day than a cold, refreshing drink and a bag of Southern Recipe Small Batch pork rinds. From beer to lemonade to wine, and even cocktails, we’ve got the perfect pork rind pairing for your favorite summer drink!

No surprise here, pork rinds can be used as a fun and tasty way to kick up your fave cocktail recipes. Try our Cowgirl Cocktail! It's a creamy, bourbon cocktail with a cinnamon and pork rind rim twist that adds giddy up to this beverage.


Wine and Pork Rinds


According to Vino Critic, pork rinds pair well with either red or white wine. Try a wine that is dry with a high acidity and low to medium tannins.

For red wine, Vino Critic recommends Merlot and Pinot Noir.

For white wine, they recommend Spanish white wines and Chenin Blanc.

We recommend our Sea Salt and Cracked Black Pepper as the saltiness complements the high acidity of these wines.

Beer and Pork Rinds


Beer and pork rinds are a classic American staple. No matter which rind flavor you enjoy, we’ve got a pairing for you.

If you like our Spicy Dill pork rinds, light lager, amber lager, and Bohemian-style pilsners cleanse the palate and complement the lighter flavor found in these pork rinds.



Cocktails are one of the most versatile alcoholic beverages because the flavor possibilities are endless! With countless options for liquor and mixers, there’s a cocktail for everyone.

Cocktails are often themed around an ingredient, and that approach can be extended to pork rinds as well. For example, a Honey Pineapple Cocktail made with vodka and our Pineapple and Ancho Chile pork rinds as a garnish keeps the pineapple flavor front and center which is perfect for summer, aka peak pineapple season.


Lemonade or Limeade

Lemonade is always a refreshing non-alcoholic summer beverage that everyone can enjoy. The mild heat of our Hatch Chile pork rinds balances perfectly with the sweetness and tartness of an ice cold lemonade.

If you’re looking for a twist, limeade offers a slightly more bitter flavor than regular lemonade, and it balances the sharpness of our Pasilla Chile Cheese pork rinds.


Do you have a favorite summer drink & pork rind pairing?

Let us know by taking a photo and tagging us in it @SouthernRecipeSmallBatch on Facebook and Instagram!


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